How To Use Hemp Oil For Your Skin

Following on with my hemp oil use topic, I thought I would share hemp oil use for your skin

There are a couple of different methods you could try

Topical use

Topical use would be where you apply the hemp oil directly on to the area

For instance if you were looking to use hemp oil for your eczema, you would apply the oil to the eczema. Like all skincare products it is very unlikely you will see the benefits over night and you will need to use a couple of times

It is advisable to do a test patch area first before you apply to the irritated area. This would be just to make sure your regular skin doesn’t have a reaction

A good place to do a test patch would be the crook of your elbow

Clean and dry it, then put a spot on and cover with a bandage or plaster to keep dry

After 24 hours assuming you haven’t had any burning, itching or other forms of irritation. Wash the oil off and check that area of your skin to make sure you have got any spots or redness to cause concern

If there has been no reaction, it is likely you will be fine to use on your skin with eczema. You could then go ahead and apply the hemp oil directly to your affected skin


Oral use of hemp oil

The second way to use it would be to ingest the hemp oil

To consume it on a regular basis like you would any other supplement. As it comes in a oil form measuring out with a medicine spoon or just a regular teaspoon would be suitable

Oral consumption would mean there is less chance of any irritation to your skin. However, similar to the likes of cod liver oil, you could potentially suffer from short term digestive upset

Mixing the oil into your food would be a way to disguise the taste. Adding the hemp oil into a smoothie or using it as a salad dressing would be a more palatable option

Oral consumption isn’t something which is advised unless you have spoken to your doctor about doing so first

There has been many suggested benefits of hemp seed. Using hemp oil in skincare can help with age lines and scars. As well as spots and acne

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