The Health Benefits Of Flax Seeds

The health benefits of flax seeds has been a popular topic due to them becoming a very popular health food

Having them in our diets could be beneficial to our everyday health and well being

With their links to aiding digestion and reducing the risks of developing heart disease, surely they are worth consuming right?

They can be consumed a number of ways, grinding them is the most popular form for ease of adding to food

This could make them barely noticeable even for the most fussy of eaters. Adding the milled seeds into a smoothie or breakfast bowl makes disguises the look and taste

Nutritional Content

The general nutritional content of flax seeds consumed in any form make them worth trying even if you are sceptical

High in fibre, 2 table spoons is considered approx 25% of your recommended daily fibre intake

Considered a low carb food due to their net digestible carbs, the total carbs minus the fibre

High in amino acids arginine and glutamine which are essential for good heart health

A rich source of ALA which is an essential fatty acid our bodies can not make naturally

A good source of vitamins and minerals such as, vitamin B1 and magnesium

Health Benefits

Consuming flax seeds daily can help contribute to weight loss as they contain high levels of fibre. Fibre is known to help suppress hunger as well as being a viscous fiber. Viscous fibers take more calories to digest and remove then the actual consumption, leaving you in a calorie deficit for that particular food source

Improve your general heart health. It has been said they can help reduce blood cholesterol due to the high levels of fibre in them. As well as being able to reduce high blood pressure which reduces your risk of heart disease

Being an insoluble fiber flax seeds promote good gut health in aiding good digestion. Over consumption can also have laxative effects

There are links to reducing fasting blood sugars for type 2 diabetes suffers

People are rarely allergic to flax seed

As you can see there are some great general health benefits of flax seeds, but there is still a huge unknowns where over consumption is concerned. Always remember daily recommended allowance of food groups are there for our benefit

If you are unsure always consult with your doctor before making major dietary changes to your lifestyle

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