4 Great Ways To Use Zoflora At Home

I thought I would share my top 4 great ways to use Zoflora at home. There are more than 4 ways to use it but these are my main ones

The Zoflora story actually started in 1922 back when there wasn’t a nice smelling disinfectant

It has only become a cleaning staple for me following the influence of the gorgeous Mrs Hinch on Instagram

Cleaning my house had seemed like more of a chore than it is now. I now enjoy cleaning a lot more than IĀ ever did


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As a general rule Zoflora needs to be diluted, a little goes a long way

The ratio for diluting is 1 part Zoflora to 40 parts water. This the Zoflora guidelines for safe use

Spray Bottle

My number one tip to use Zoflora at home is to make up a solution in a spray bottle

I have actually got a personalised spray bottle for my Zoflora and it sits proudly in with my Zoflora supply

Once you have your Zoflora solution ready to go, you can use it for so many tasks at home

Top tip is to always shake your bottle before first time use each day. I find if you haven’t used it for a couple of days the scent oils can separate from the water

Mop and Bucket

When I clean the hard floors in my house I use a mop and bucket, mainly because I find it cleans them the best

Using Zoflora in your mop bucket is a great way to eliminate odours and it also kills 99.9% of bacteria. I have pets which walk muddy paws through my home and Zoflora always cleans it up

When diluting you can use the cap as a measuring guide. I have been known to add a little more than necessary sometimes and it hasn’t ever caused any harm or caused any damage to my floors

I have wooden floors and tiled floors, both come up spotless

Using It Neat

One of the only times Zoflora should be used neat is when putting in the toilet bowl. There is water in your toilet bowl already so this dilutes the solution anyway

Also, it can be put neat down plug holes. Whether that be in the kitchen sink or bathroom sink and bath


Bedding and towels are often something I use Zoflora for in the wash

I put a capful in the drawer with my fabric softener and it makes my washing smell lovely, as well as killing any bacteria or viruses on my clothes

I Love Zoflora

There are so many scents to choose from and there seem to be more and more popping up in shops

My favourite place to buy it is Poundland or Home Bargains as I find they have the biggest range of scents

Do you love Zoflora as much as I do? Let me know your favourite scent

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