5 Ways To Relax Before Bed

I speak about this with friends quite a lot, especially ones with children who find it hard to wind down in the evening. Finding ways to relax before bed isn’t as easy as you may think

Having that bedtime routine in place can be super beneficial to you and your family

Obviously there are influential factors in those routines, but as a general rule I find a few things help

5 ways to relax before bed

Wash Away The Day

Sounds a bit dramatic I know, but what I mean is take a hot bath or a shower.┬áIf you have had a stressful day, the heat from the water will help with the tense muscles you might have from the daily troubles. A bath would probably be ideal, but we don’t all have time for that


If I could stress the importance of self care to everyone, I really would. Look after your skin it is your bodies biggest organ. Make sure after you have had that hot bath or shower you hydrate your skin. Treat your facial skin to something more hydrating and specific for your face, rather than your regular body lotion

Change Into Pyjamas

Comfort is king! Something which will help everyone relax is feeling comfortable. Having that pair of fresh pyjamas waiting for you to jump straight into will help set the mood for a more chilled out evening

Turn Down The Lights

If you are sitting watching TV do you really need the main room light on? No, put that lamp on instead, or just use the light from the TV. Having a lower lit room will automatically make you more ready for bed

a bed side lamp with its soft glowing light on

Put Away Your Mobile

This applied to tablets and hand held electronics generally. If you find yourself having a scroll through social media, the chances are you will spend longer than expected. Avoid doing this a few hours before your bed time. Computer games, especially combat ones will do the opposite of relaxing you, these are a big no no in my opinion

Some people enjoy watching their favourite soaps on TV and some thing TV is not for the bedroom. Everyone is different

Hopefully these 5 ways to relax before bed will be beneficial to you. They help me settle in the evenings

Have you got a routine in place for bedtime or do you just go with the flow? Im finding more and more people struggle with sleep, lets hope they read this and I manage to help


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  1. Margaret Gallagher
    September 8, 2020 / 11:22 am

    Sweet dreams Guarenteed – thanks

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