5 Tips To Help Create A Home Office

Create a home office with these 5 simple tips. Many of us are working from home during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Having a work space that accommodates your situation can help you to focus and be more productive.

Working From Home

Someone who works from home usually or is having to during the current times will have to keep focused. Being in our homes can be very distracting, especially if you are not the only one there. The TV being on or the door bell going can easily take your focus away from working. It can easily take half an hour to get back into the swing of things. I am one of those people who can potter about and do nothing for an hour, and then the whole day has flown by with little to no work being done

1) Get Comfortable

Sitting in a chair in front of the computer for 7 hours of the day can get a little uncomfortable. I have a chair for my home office but by no means is it a practical chair. I bought it mainly as I thought it was cute and would make a nice feature. Instead of buying a new expensive, ugly office chair, I have some cushions from my sofa which I have strategically placed for the extra lumbar support

Making sure I am comfortable starts with my attire. I have been known to sit at my desk in my pyjamas, surely thats just a perk from working from home anyways, right? Loungewear has been the main clothing items I have bought myself during lockdown and it has really helped me be more comfortable while working from home

a person sitting crossed legged with a lap top on their lap working from home

2) Remove Distractions

If you don’t need your mobile phone for work, don’t keep it near you. Move it away from your desk so you have to get up an go and get it. This will stop you spending time on social media or any other distracting apps you might have on your phone

The TV is another one which I find is a distraction. There isn’t a TV in my home office and by no means will I ever have one on while I am trying to work. I am likely to listen to what is going on and then hear something really interesting and get up and go and watch. Keep the TV off, you can catch up with your favourite programs after work

The doorbell isn’t really something you can avoid sadly. You can chose to ignore it or go and answer your door. Ensuring you go back to your desk straight after is the key

3) Vitamin D

Open those curtains or the blind at your window. Let the daylight come in and the vitamin D should help you feel more productive

Being in a dark or dull room is more likely to make you feel lethargic and less likely to want to work. The sunlight should lift your mood generally and will really help you enjoy being in your home office surroundings. Embrace the natural light as best you can, but also a nice desk lamp for when the days get shorter and you find yourself working in the dark

4) Personalisation

Having that little space at home which is all about you and what you are doing. Adding some small touches like a potted plant or your favourite picture in a photo frame on your desk will make you enjoy your space.

5) Stocked Up

a bundle of stationary being used on a home office desk

In regards to work supplies, staples, sellotape, pens or notepaper. Making sure you always have what you need to hand will stop you having to tip out to the shops to buy more when you are meant to be working. This should hopefully keep you more focused on what you are doing and less distracted

It is also wise to ensure you have a routine for yourself especially when it comes to food and drinks. Keeping your body fuelled is just as important

Hope these 5 tips to create a home office were useful

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