What Is The Importance Of Collagen

What is the importance of collagen is something I often hear when it comes to skin care

Helping to achieve younger looking skin has become the Holy grail of skin care products. The primary focus of pretty much every facial skin care product especially

Ageing skin is something we can not stop. We are born with beautifully soft baby skin. Plump and bouncy with not a wrinkle or fine line in sight

But over time and the exposure to the elements, as well as lifestyle choices our skin looses these qualities


a lady with youthful skin with high collagen content

What is collagen?

Collagen is present in our bodies naturally

The word collagen is from the Greek word ‘kólla’ meaning glue. This translates literally to how our bodies use it, as collagen is the glue which holds us all together, inside and outside

It is used for healing wounds and clotting blood. Around a third of the proteins found in our body is actually collagen. It is a part of so much more too, our muscles, teeth, bones, tendons as well as our skin, which is the largest organ of the human body. So thats quite a lot of collagen

There are four different types of collagen in our bodies with the one in our skin being the main one. And this is the one we are trying to help with the aid of skin care products

a graph showing the breakdown of the skin collagen

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Why it’s important?

What is the importance of collagen? Well our skin sits on top of a collagen scaffolding, which overtime sinks. This is perfectly natural and happens to us all

When we are young the collagen sits nicely and ensures our skin is looking plump and firm. As we age the collagen scaffolding weakens and the skin loses its firmness. This is when fine lines and wrinkles make their appearance and skin begins to sag

Our skin is made up of multiple layers, and the collagen scaffolding sits beneath all of those layers holding the skin up

As we age we produce less collagen as well as it being less robust

Having collagen in our bodies helps with the everyday healing from general wear and tear or just living

Attempting to boost our collagen levels through skin care will only slow down the process. You can not avoid it with out taking more drastic measures such as collagen fillers

Eating specific foods can also help with collagen production. 5 tasty foods to benefit your skin might be of interest


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