Lacura Day and Night Skincare

The Lacura day and night skincare creams are really affordable, they cost me less than £5 each

Both protect the skin from premature ageing. Which is a must in skincare especially for the face. Over the years as our skin loses its youthful appearance and those fine lines start to show

I have recently been trialling them and think you will love them too.


2 tubs of Lacura skin care products, day cream and night cream

Lacura Day Cream

The day cream has SPF 20, which is a must in day light hours, even if it’s not particularly sunny. UV rays are a common cause for premature ageing so we really should be using a minimum of SPF 10 on a daily basis

The active ingredients are used following scientific findings and the brand is cruelty free. I feel we should all be using cruelty free brands and looking towards ending animal testing

The cream is rich but non-greasy, and massages into your face and decollete effortlessly. There isn’t any heaviness or the feeling like you have the cream on as it absorbs quite quickly into your face

Scent wise I would describe it as a fresh soapy smell. I love this as having perfumed face creams I find can cause a bit of irritation for me personally

The key selling qualities and ingredients for this cream are listed on the front which are hyaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin absorb more of the hydration and the Coenzyme Q10 helps reduce the appearance of fine lines


a tub of Lacura day cream with the lid of showing the creamy texture of the product

Lacura Night Cream Skincare

The night cream is designed to be used along side the day cream for best results

A thicker consistency to the cream in comparison to the day cream. It still massages into the skin really well.  Obviously no need for SPF at night time either. The same soapy scent as well, which is really fresh and just what you would want after washing away the day’s dirt and pollution

The active ingredients which differ from the day cream to make them more suitable at night is the vitamin E, F and the avocado oil. These are designed to help regenerate the skin so will work while you are sleeping

Coenzyme Q10 is still in the night cream as it can work along side the extra vitamins. It helps with reducing those fine lines which naturally develop on us all


an open tub of Lacura night cream with the lid off to see the cream inside

A great combination of products I would recommend them to anyone who is concerned about ageing skin. They have been compared to the Nivea Q10 which comes with a price tag of more than double of these

They recommended age group for this product is staring from about 30-50 years old. Which covering over 2 decades of skin maturity is pretty impressive skincare

If you would rather spend your money on shoes or hand bag rather than expensive skincare, Lacura day and night skincare could be just what you are looking for

I bought these from my local Aldi supermarket and I always keep an eye on new releases

Anything beauty related catches my eye, and I have a review on some Hair And Beauty Supplements From Aldi


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