Lacura Micellar Water From Aldi

The Lacura micellar water from Aldi was another amazing find on my weekly shopping trip

As you probably know I am a huge fan of the brand Lacura. Their products have all been great so far and their price point is really affordable

I had some really great results previously using their day and night skincare creams  which I wrote about

So many of the health and beauty products I have found in Aldi have been thrilled with including the hair and beauty supplements 

What Is Micellar Water?

If you wear make up you are going to know what micellar water is. Actually it isn’t just make up wearers who use it. If you have oily skin it is often a good idea to do a micellar water cleanse as your first cleanse

Micellar water doesn’t remove all make up as I have found, especially stubborn make up like mascara. It is great for that first cleanse to get the main residue of dirt or make off your skin

It is gentle and light and this Lacura micellar water from Aldi states it is also for sensitive skin

You use a cotton pad or a reusable clothe and gently wipe your face, including your eyes. You should get little to no reaction to micellar water using it to remove eye make up, which is what makes it so popular with make up wearers. Some cleansers often leave your eyes feeling a tad reactive to the liquid but usually with  micellar water you don’t

With the main ingredient being water, as the name suggests perfect to use in daily skin care

Lacura Micellar Water

When I find beauty products like this in Aldi, I know they are going to sell out fast so I always buy a couple of them. With the extremely affordable price of £1.59 for a 400ml I can imagine they will be gone off the shelves within a week. Sometimes they are restocked I have found a couple of months later but very rarely are they there for longer than a week at my local branch

The Lacura micellar water lid is nice and secure and flips up and down no problem. The bottle feels like a nice strong plastic so I expect it to last well

When using the micellar water, it comes out in quite a generous amount as you pour it through the lid

Has pretty much no smell to it, and it says on the bottle that there is no perfume. Some micellar waters have rose or citrus scents added to them but that can affect sensitivity for the user

I use cotton pads to take off my make up and it works brilliantly with this Lacura micellar water from Aldi

As I expected, with liquid eyeliner and mascara you do need to rub with a bit more force to remove. Even doing this I haven’t had any reaction to the micellar water

If you are heading to Aldi this week to do your shopping check out those middle aisle bargains. I think you will be pleased with the saving and the performance of this micellar water

From a price point of view the next cheapest one I have used which I like is the Garnier micellar water which is only a 200ml. Even when it is on offer it costs more than the Lacura one

Another very pleasing Lacura purchase to add to my collection, will keep an eye out to do some Lacura reviews


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  1. March 27, 2021 / 8:56 pm

    This sounds great! I never heard of this brand but I am a huge fan of micellar water! I started using one from Sainsbury when mine was out of stock and it works wonders! it’s cruelty-free and vegan and comes in a bigger size and cheaper, thanks for sharing x

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