Lose Weight The Natural Way

How to lose weight the natural way can often leave a lot of us stumped

Being able to lose weight is often seen like a challenge

As something where we need to deprive ourselves, and our bodies to see results

We want to see results and we want to see them fast is often the mentality of dieters. Me included!

Often the natural way is a slower process, and it’s those little daily tweaks which get us the results we desire

So making a few changes to your current habits could be a more beneficial way to loose weight naturally. This may well take a longer period of time to achieve results but these patterns will become more ingrained in our way of life

The phrase simple but effective is how I would refer to lose weight the natural way


Often we mistake thirst for hunger

This was something I found along my own personal weight loss journey with slimming world

Aiming to drink 2 litres of water per day will put you on the right track. This will also do wonders for your skinĀ 

This amount of water can seem daunting to start with. Once you work out when to drink, if becomes easy to fit the liquid into your day

For me having a large glass of water before each meal was the key. This was also keeping me feeling fuller through out the day

Fruit and Vegetables

Enjoying a varied diet which includes far more fruit and vegetables will mean you consume less calories overall

Green leafy vegetables especially contain a lot less calories than any other. Aim to eat more vegetables which grow above ground than in the ground. You will be surprised how many less calories are in your meals

Being high in fibre too this is a great way to look after your digestive health


Sleep plays an important factor in hunger and when we eat

People who suffer with irregular sleep patterns disrupt the hormone appetite cycle

We are designed to sleep for at least 7 hours a night. People who do not achieve this are more likely to make poor food choices

Poor food choices like convenient foods and junk food products can lead to weight gain

If you have had a sufficient amount of sleep you will be more inclined to cook a nutritious home cooked meal, which will be far better for you

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