6 Ways Of Keeping Your Skin Hydrated

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I have 6 ways of keeping your skin hydrated which I thought would be worth sharing

Our skin is our biggest organ on our body. Dehydrated skin can be a huge problem for make up users but especially in the colder months of the year. Now we are heading into autumn, I thought now would be a good time to talk about battling this issue


Keeping hydrated can be done as simply as drinking water. Water aids digestion and can leave your skin with a lovely glow

Drinking water also eliminates toxics from our bodies. 2 litres a day is what is recommended as an average for an adult

As much as elderflower champagne tastes delicious, water really is the best option


Invest in a humidifier for your home

This can be a bit pricey depending on what brand you go for. There are some smaller ones which do just as good a job. I have one in my bedroom which I turn on at night. They also help the respiratory system, which could help you sleep better too

Skin Cream

We all have different skin types and requirements. Ensuring you are using the right skin cream for you is important too. Day and night creams are different in their properties but ultimately both offer hydration. If you are skipping these in your routine, get them back


I am guilty of being the first to whack up the heating when I am cold at home. The heat from the central heating system in most homes is dry and it will dry out your skin too. You might notice your eyes feel a bit heavy and you have a dry mouth those mornings you wake up and realise the heating has been on all night. Try layering your clothes instead to warm up

Hot Bath

A nice hot bath can be one of my most enjoyed self care moments. Relaxing in the tub with the water so hot I’m almost sweating feels amazing, but it is stripping the natural oils from our skin. It is better to have short, warm baths especially if you are suffering from dehydrated skin


Eating a healthy balanced diet is good for your liver. A healthy liver will typically mean healthy skin. This also comes hand in hand with drinking water. Eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C will aid with your collagen production and healthy looking skin

If you are struggling it could be worth checking you are following my 6 ways of keeping your skin hydrated

I know a lot more of us are struggling even more so due to prolonged wearing of face masks. Maskne is a real thing, see how to cope with maskne


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  1. Rachel Craig
    October 1, 2020 / 9:46 pm

    Very apt. Also as some of us may tend to consume Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks :- Caffeine has diuretic effect I believe. Therefore need to take this into account. Our body needs water for sufficient hydration.

    Winter soups such as vegetable, chicken, broth, lentil, etc :- Vitamins. Healthy, Nutritious, Warming, Filling, Satisfying. Hydration, as includes water.

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