5 Outdoor Activities To Enjoy In Autumn

Autumn outdoor activities I thought I could share, so we can still enjoy being outside in the colder months

Just because the Summer has gone doesn’t mean the fun has to. There are plenty of parks and outdoor space to enjoy outdoor activities even without the hot sunshine. Autumn months can still be relatively warm and the days long enough to enjoy being outside in daylight even after the autumn equinox¬†



Many of us have our own gardens which we use all summer. But in the autumn months we often start to neglect them

This is the perfect time to be out there pruning and dead heading those flowers. Pull up those weeds which have taken over and grown all through the patio slabs, because when winter comes you will regret you didn’t do it

Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to explore nature. As autumn brings us different flowers and colours from the trees the scenery is very different to summer

Fallen acorns and conkers are only something you can find during autumn months when the trees are shedding. Acorns fall from oak trees, they contain seeds to reproduce more oaks. Also a food source for local wildlife so you might need to fight off the squirrels for those

If you are able to collect conkers, keep them and have a conker challenge with friends and family

Your scavenger hunt could including finding leaves of as many colours as possible or who can find the biggest pine cone. A great time to collect some pieces for your autumn garland or wreath if you make them

Visit A Zoo or Farm

Lots of local farms will be open for you to go to. The animals will still be there and you can look around and watch them be fed and attending to by the staff

Zoo’s will also still be open for paying customers as they need the money to pay for the upkeep on the animals. West Lothian residents might want to take a look at Five Sisters zoo

Take a packed lunch and snacks with you to see you through the day

Pick Your Own

Seasonal fruit and vegetables are grown all over the country. The crops and harvest change and pick your own is still available at the start of Autumn

It is such a fun outing and can be a great way to teach young ones about how it is grown

Pumpkin patches will be perfect for this time of year and could even pick one to carve for Halloween

Go Shopping

It’s time to change up our wardrobes. Warmer tops and jumpers will soon be replacing those t-shirts

Outlets and shopping centres are open all year round but if you are looking to refresh your wardrobe now, travel to a new centre a bit further away

Make a day trip out of that shopping trip. There will food courts and food shops amongst the clothes shops too. A lot are open air like The Macarthurglen Outlet I often visit in Ashford, Kent

Maybe treat yourself to some autumnal decor or soft furnishings for your home and indulge in some new self care products

Maybe spend some family friendly days out locally

Enjoy some time outdoors with the Autumn outdoor activities.

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  1. Rachel Craig
    September 11, 2020 / 10:40 pm

    I do need to get organised in regards to Autumn / Winter clothing.

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