6 Self Care Ideas For Autumn

Self Care Ideas for Autumn because as much as we don’t want it to be true, the year is flying by. It is once again one of my favourite seasons Autumn, and I have these self care ideas to share with you

Getting your self care routine down to a fine art can be tricky. As the seasons change our mood changes and our daily routines change too. I tend to spend more time on self care in the cooler months, mainly because I am home more

Self Care Ideas

Get Cozy

The cooler evenings make me want to spend more time at home and getting cozy. One of the best ways to get cosy is to put on your favourite oversized jumper or cardigan. Now this will automatically make you feel more chilled out and peaceful

Create A Mood

There are a few ways to set an ambiance and create a mood. Candles and moody lighting are one of them. Turning off the main light for your room and tapping on that lamp in the corner will help

a cosy side table with a white candle making an autumn vibe


Fill your home with beautiful autumnal scents. I am a fan of candles, I love them. I have a few of them dotted around my home, in the lounge, dinning room and hallway. Candles are such a good way of releasing aromas into the air. Such are wax burners and diffusers. Find your favourite scent and enjoy it


Cooking isn’t everyones favourite past time. Some of us just cook because we need to eat, and some of us enjoy creating delicious masterpieces in the kitchen to enjoy. Either way, which ever type of person you are enjoy some hearty, warming meals. Chunky soups and casseroles are a great autumnal dinner time idea


Our skin will need to be treated slightly differently during the cooler months. Summer skincare routine needs to be shaken up to accommodate for the colder air our skin will be dealing with. Richer night creams and even treat yourself to more face masks in the evening while you are enjoying a TV program or two


A lot of us spend more time at home during autumn. This could be a great time to start practising a new hobby. Arts and crafts are something most of us can manage in our homes, whether that be sowing, quilting or drawing. Take some time to do something different

I hope you enjoyed this post on 6 self care ideas for Autumn. What are some of the ways your self care changes in Autumn?



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