5 Ways To Feel More Confident

5 Ways to feel more confident in yourself and your abilities

We all need a little pick me up from time to time. When we are not around other people we have more time to build ourselves up. I get this can be a hard task for a lot of us, especially at times when we are feeling deflated

But there are ways to help you feel more confident and they are really worth trying

5 Ways to Feel More Confident


Firstly, be thankful for what you have already

Whether this be family, friends, education, money, career, home etc. We can find the good in what and who we already have around us. When we start feeling grateful for what we already have this will instantly lift your mood


Comparing ourselves to other people is normal, it happens and this can often be deflating. Wanting what other people have is also normal too, but remember you are you and that makes you special

Being able to accept yourself takes a little patience and consistency with positive affirmations. Even the most beautiful or most powerful people have their own insecurities, which is all totally normal as it is their own self image

Accepting who you are and how amazing you already are, will boost your self confidence and make you a more confident person


Being able to understand your feelings and your body. Use those feelings to change your situation

Those moments when you have nerves or butterflies in your stomach. Understanding that feeling will help you work with it. It is natural for your body to react to certain emotions and this can be made obvious to other people. For example blushing when you are embarrassed or self conscience. Try smiling through it and it will eventually not embarrass you so much in the future

Public speaking used to really embarrass me and I would feel myself blushing. I will always force the smile and this instantly now makes me feel more at ease


Taking part in some form of daily exercise alone or within a group. You can do outdoor activities or at home following a zoom workout in your living room

Exercise isn’t just great for your body but also your mind. When you exercise, it increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and endocannabinoid. These are all brain chemicals associated with positive feelings

Social Media

As great as social media is for society, there are also so many triggers for people

Watching or reading about other peoples lives and achievements can make up feel less worthy. You need to remember that social media is only a small snippet of what that person wants to show you. You can never really see what is going on behind closed doors

Take some time out from social media or unfollow those accounts which trigger those negative emotions

Self confidence isn’t something which just happens for anybody over night. It needs to be worked on and it is down to you to work on your own confidence. I hope these 5 ways to feel more confident will help you with your confidence journey

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