5 Working From Home Tips

I have 5 working from home tips to help you if you are still struggling since lockdown
Working from home certainly feels like its the new normal now, and is likely to continue into the new year
Living and working from the same place can sometimes be a bit of  balancing act especially when you spend most of your time in the home office
If you are finding you are being less productive working from home hopefully these tips will help you

As much as it pains me to admit it but getting up early really does help

I love a late morning start and a lie in as much as the next person, but it sets the mood for the rest of the day

The early bird catches the worm is an old saying which means arriving early can result in a higher chance of success. It makes sense and I feel can be applied to a lot of scenarios in day to day. Plus mornings are usually a quieter time so you can have less disruptions and work through your tasks for the day

Get Dressed

Start the day nice and early and get your work clothes on, doesn’t necessarily mean your high heels

Work clothes for me right now are lounge wear, but it still means I get out of my pyjamas and get dressed. Being dressed rather than in your pyjamas could set you on a more productive path for the day and feel less lethargic

Getting washed, dressed and ready for the day make you feel better in yourself and hopefully a better mindset to start the days work

Set A Schedule

The same way in the office you have a schedule or a routine you follow, do the same at home. I know for me I would have a tea break at certain points in the day, so adding that in to my daily routine at home helps

Having your breakfast and lunch at around the same time each day will also help you be more focused. Plus if should also ensure you are eating correctly throughout the day rather than grazing on the wrong foods. Its far too easy to snack because I haven’t had my breakfast or lunch, I fall into these bad habits too easily

Scheduling in regular Zoom calls with colleagues helps too as I know I have these to do at certain times

Trying to make the day seem as normal as possible, just in a different environment

End The Day

When its home time, log off!!

Don’t keep your computer or laptop on and keep checking your emails or seeing if a report has been run. When it’s 17:30 or whatever time you are mean’t to finish work, finish and log out

You will be thankful you switched off so you can enjoy some personal time, some self care maybe or time with friends


When you don’t have to get up as early to do your commute into work, you might stay up later. Sleep is so important to how productive we are

Have a night time routine and a bed time for your average night when you have work.  Take care of yourself by making sure you are getting enough sleep

You work hard, you deserve the rest

There certainly are advantages and disadvantages of working from home. How to get the most out of working from home can be a struggle

Let me know how you are coping and if my 5 working from home tips help


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  1. Rachel Craig
    September 9, 2020 / 1:42 am

    Not working from home. Pros and Cons. Realities, etc.

    From some having the opportunity to work from home :- They may re – evaluate life from Work / Family / Rest / Recreation / Hobbies / Leisure, etc aspects. As commuting to work means :- Travelling Time, Travelling Costs, Pollution, Meals :- Are they readily available within the workplace or not, etc. Cost of Meals, Travelling / Commuting Risks :- Accidents can and do happen. Childcare :- Organisation, costs, etc.

    Some may choose that they would prefer to continue to work from Home, or nearer to home (local). Are these Opportunities available?

    Some could find that they actually would prefer to get out of the House. Go elsewhere , get into ‘work mode’ and get away from ‘the work enviroment’ when that element /aspect of the day / shift is over. We have various aspects to our life. May want Home to be ‘Homely’, Relaxing, Comfortable, ‘the place to get away / time out from work’. ” Home is where the Heart is” :- Family, etc. ‘Homelife’.

    Where – ever you work, it is important that it is a healthy enviroment. So Coronavirus / covid 19 Regulations, etc need to be taken into consideration. What other Health aspects need to be considered :- If office work, possibly office equipment, etc. Posture, Exercise, Lunch Break/s, etc.

    Insurance :- What about if you have an Accident whilst working. Maybe there are questions for your Trade Union.

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