Lacura Miracle Cream and Miracle Oil

Stumbling across this Lacura Miracle Cream and Miracle Oil was a delightful find in Aldi

That middle aisle seems to get me every time I do my shopping at the moment

I am that person who lingers around the middle aisles and every week I seem to be finding bargains. Don’t get me wrong I don’t just abandon my trolly and dive in, but I do  take my time seeing what’s there

Typically if something looks nice and the price isn’t too hefty I will give it a try. I love finding beauty bargains  and have had so many over the years

The price of the Lacura miracle cream was £4.99 for a 50ml tube

While the Lacura Miracle oil was £5.49 but that is 100ml bottle


Lacura Miracle Cream

So this I was aware existed and was a re-release from 2020. The reviews at the time were amazing but I didn’t manage to get any at the time. I also believe it was slightly cheaper £3.99 last year

Designed to be part of a daily skincare regime and has anti-inflammatory benefits

Ok so me opening it expected a cream, but no it is actually more like a balm and it’s orange. So imagine thick orange jelly, thats the best way to explain how it looks

Non-perfumed and really rich. I can now see why this was such a hit before

An absolute dream to use on dry skin or slightly irritated skin giving instant relief. I used it especially on my feet, I tend to get cracked heels in the winter and this has really helped

Perfect on chapped lips and because it isn’t perfumed no problems using it near your mouth

Said to even help on minor burns and rashes, I haven’t needed to use it for that yet but I would without hesitation

A very multi function cream and yes most definitely worth £4.99 as it can be used for so much.

This is perfect for winter time especially to help with chapped skin so this will be staying in my hand bag for the foreseeable. I will be also grabbing myself another one as reserves if it is still there next time I go to Aldi

Lacura Miracle Oil

Coming as a spray which I was a bit surprised about initially

A very versatile body oil and it is quite light, which is why it works perfectly in a spray application method

Has very mild non-perfumed fragrance to it and is quite pleasant

I have been using it after a bath or shower once I have towel dried and it soaks in nicely

Not like a typical body oil where you can still feel it on your skin an hour or so later. This takes a minute or 2 to soak in and leaves a light barely noticeable sheen to your skin

I haven’t tried it on my hair, as that was one of the features it is apparently good for. If you have used it let me know how you got on in the comments but I can imagine it being good to tame frizz and give instant shine. I’ve got really thick hair and the thought of putting oil on it doesn’t appeal to me remotely

This miracle oil would work well as massage oil as well as relieving dry skin

A brilliant winter skincare product to keep at hand when it gets really cold to offer that extra layer of protection

I would 100% use this as a regular moisturising source as the spray makes it really easy to apply after a shower. I like that it is non-perfumed as then you can apply your daily perfume and them not conflict

Value for money on the Miracle Cream and the Miracle Oil, as well as being purposeful everyday products

It is a huge thumbs up from me for both

I cant find any fault with either so far and I am happy

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