Your Day And Night Skincare Routine

Something we should all consider when taking care of our skin, is the difference between day and night creams

We use different products at different times of the day for best results

Our morning routines should be different to our evening routines too when it comes to cleansing

At the end of our day we are removing the protection we put on from the morning, as well as the daily grime

Do you know the order you should apply your products for your day and night skincare routine?



Starting your day the right way with a cleanse if a must. Whether you use soap and water or formulated cleansing products, it is always your first step

You will be really surprised how much oil and grease forms on your face while you are asleep. A lot of us sweat at night and our pillows contain dirt, dust and dead skin cells which could cause a build up on our face causing unwanted spots

After your cleanse you would then tone your skin. A toner is a quick drying, hydrating boost for your skin, which prepares it for the next step. It closes your pores and acts as a barrier for dirt

Serum would be your next step. Serums are super charged and packed with concentrated products which offer intense hydration and targeted area benefits

Adding a moisturiser to seal in all the goodness from the serum is your next step in the process. It also adds that extra hydration we all need especially in these colder months

Last but not least is your SPF. You will find a lot of day creams will contain SPF. The sun’s rays are what cause the most amount of damage to our skin, especially our faces

That morning routine might seem like a long winded process to some. I have been taking a far more active interest in my skincare as I age, as I want to ensure I am doing my best to maintain my skin



So when we get ready for bed and remove the day we start again with a cleanse. A double cleanse is also a good idea if you have spent the day in a high polluted area or you have been wearing more make up than normal

You would still apply your toner after you cleanse. This is still to ensure your pores are closed and not filling with product and causing spots later on. Always remember to use a toner after you cleanse whether you are adding other products after or not

If you have heavier serums applying them at night might be a better feeling than day time wear. I have a couple of different serums for night time which target fine lines and I switch between the,

Your night cream is then used as your moisturiser here. Face creams specifically formulated as night creams are richer and heavier on the skin

The main reason for me learning the importance of the steps in skincare was to make sure I was doing it right

We all will have our preferences to brands and scents and the way we apply it. But as long as you follow the basic step by step principles for application, you should be going in the right direction

I hope this has helped you understand what the different types of products are and why you use them in your day and night skincare routine

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