The Truth About Make Up Wipes

The truth about make up wipes is something most of us make up wearers might not be aware of. Most of us will have used make up wipes, or use on a regular basis

Whether these are your daily go to for your first cleanse, or when you just don’t have the energy to do your evening skincare routine. I know I have just grabbed that wipe at the end of a long day and taken off what I can. Sometimes its the convenience of having the wipe over the importance of removing my make up properly

Knowing about the issues surrounding make up wipes makes me a lot more conscious


Wipes have become a subject of scrutiny amongst make up lovers and the beauty world. Not just make up wipes but also baby wipes and household wipes, due to the environmental factors surrounding them. The truth about make up wipes is that they are not as good as they seem

Environmental Factors

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The Truth

Much like the plastic straw and plastic carrier bag, wipes fall into this category when it comes to our environment. The one times usage is deemed irresponsible for the sake of convenience

Wipes are often flushed down toilets causing blockages or washing up on our coastlines. Make up wipes take about 100 years to disappear from landfill, if you aren’t using bio-degradable ones that is. So expect to see them causing issues in our environment for a lot longer

To support my need for speed, in those lazy or tiresome days I have started using bio-degradable make up wipes. These for me are not a daily use, they are maybe once a week if that. I find they don’t dry out anywhere near as quick if you don’t seal the packet properly either which is great. You still can not flush them, nor recycle them yet either but they breakdown a lot quicker in landfill

Skincare Concerns

an open packet of make up wipes the biodegrable ones

They do a good job at removing make up, I agree with that for a quick fix. But for them to be so quick and easy though, they aren’t so kind to your skin

Realistically they only remove part of your makeup and surface bacteria, then they are just smearing the day’s grime around your face. Sounds pretty gross when I put it like that, but its true. No make up wipe is 100% effective or even 95% effective at cleansing your face

Skipping more appropriate skincare routines will encourage your skin to age quicker. Wipes tend to dehydrate your skin and can cause inflammation or spots where the correct PH level is not maintained

There are so many different wipes on the market, and you will see the switch into more sustainable, bio-degradable version over the coming years

If you are using wipes daily, stop. Your skin and environment will thank you for it


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